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Baclofen 10 mg - Miorel

Baclofen 10 mg - Miorel - Kleva Pharmaceuticals


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Baclofen 10 mg - Miorel by Kleva Pharmaceuticals details:

50 tablet(s), each tablet contains 10 mg of Baclofen
Total tablet(s) per one order unit: 50 tablet(s)
1 tablet contains: 10 mg
Total mg per one order unit: 500 mg
Active substance: Baclofen
Alternative names: Baclofen, Miorel, Kemstro, Lioresal
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Baclofen 10 mg - Miorel by Kleva Pharmaceuticals description:

Miorel (Balcofen) from Kleva is used for treating muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis or other diseases. Miorel (Balcofen) from Kleva may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant. Miorel (Balcofen) from Kleva reduces the frequency and severity of muscle spasms that occur as a result of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis.


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